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Melbourne Legal Group Pty Ltd

Formalization of a domestic separation always in a legally recognized marriage. With a track record, our lawyers provide clear and understandable advice and strong representation in all legal matters. We work hard for our clients and do our best to minimize the stress caused by dealing with a legal issue. We practice in all areas of family law, including parenting matters, property settlements, family law applications and more. In addition, we provide services in the areas of estate law, all matters relating to domestic violence and intervention orders, as well as other criminal, mediation and probate services. Valuation and allocation of assets, liabilities and financial resources among the parties. With offices in four states and the ACT, you can benefit from the combined knowledge of a cohesive national team. Legally protect a gift, loan or advance to a family member and mitigate the risk of relationship breakdown or business loss by recipients. Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of family and relationship law, including divorce, division of property and matters involving children. Ultimately, we provide strategic advice in a supportive environment so you can focus on the journey ahead. Our experience means that we can resolve most family law cases amicably. If an agreement is not possible, we offer strong and expert representation in court. We have extensive experience in complex family law matters.

Buying or selling your home is an investment. Learn more. Our lawyers are committed to providing quality service to all our clients. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the best solution for our customers is delivered in the most cost-effective and fastest manner. Our team of family law lawyers has extensive experience and expertise in all matters of education and wealth. We are a results-oriented company and we always make sure our customers come first. Our team`s diverse real estate and construction experience ranges from simple financing to construction projects and sophisticated transaction financing. Financing is often a crucial element in the settlement of real estate transactions.

Our lawyers are able to advise and negotiate projects and obtain appropriate financing. We understand the needs of buyers, sellers, developers, borrowers and lenders. A clearer path forward is closer than you think. We`re here to help you define your future. Contact us today for a free consultation. Family law is our only area of expertise that gives you access to specialized resources and specialized knowledge. Sometimes a person did not take proper care of a family. Learn more. We provide quality advice and representation in all aspects of family law, including separation and divorce, property arrangements, parenting arrangements and child support.

We understand that this can be a stressful and stressful time. Learn more. Lawyers can assist entrepreneurs of all sizes in all matters of commercial and commercial law. We can assist you with all commercial law matters, including contract and contract drafting/review, employment law, corporate structuring and taxation, startups, e-commerce, data protection and IT law, franchising, real estate rental and construction, sale and purchase of businesses, regulatory compliance, banking and finance, and litigation and litigation. We focus on finding solutions. More than 95% of our cases are resolved before a final hearing Effective dispute resolution requires thought and. Learn more. Unfortunately, disputes and conflicts are an inevitable part of it. Learn more. Help for partners without the support of a main supporter.

Determination of custody arrangements and decision-making powers with respect to one or more children Financial assistance between parents to help raise children. Planning for your family`s future after you are away is really a problem. Learn more. Thank you for your inquiry and we will contact you shortly! Dissolution of an incompatible marriage after a 12-month separation period. Our team of leading experts is here to help you manage your rights and obligations in family and relationship law. We operate a profitable operating model so we can provide you with better value and service, from initial consultation to execution. Let`s take the first step together and help you find the best solution. Mario Merlo and his team specialize in several broad areas of law, including: litigation, dispute resolution, ownership and transfer of property, divorce and family law, wills and estate, transfer of property, powers of attorney, commercial and commercial law, criminal law and judicial representation. We are the trusted advisors for a number of them succeed. Learn more.

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