Which of the following Indicates Behaviors That Are Unethical but Legal for Salespeople

Which of the following Indicates Behaviors That Are Unethical but Legal for Salespeople

82) Raising the level of socially responsible marketing requires a three-pronged attack based on appropriate legal, ethical and social behavior. (119) If Ming were interested in collecting sales measures for its retail organization, which of the following options could it consider? A) Customer complaints B) Radius share C) Effective reach D) Trial rate E) Market share 111) Which of the following is likely to be an important marketing trend in the future? A) Marketing intuition B) Free marketing C) Manual marketing D) Marketing Science E) Mass marketing 61) Which of the following is the goal of a cognitive social marketing campaign? A) Motivate obese people to eat healthy and exercise more often. B) Change public attitudes and stereotypes associated with obese people. C) Explain the different causes of obesity and how to prevent it. D) Encourage people to participate in a walk-thon that aims to promote obesity awareness. E) Helping obese people implement lifestyle changes. 137) A marketing audit only benefits a company in difficulty; Healthy businesses don`t have to do them. 22) Which of the following statements applies to a Brand Asset Management (MTA) team? A) A BAMT is part of the triangular and vertical structures of the product team. B) TMOs often report directly to the organization`s head of corporate identity.

C) BAMT is a traditional and proven way of managing trademarks. D) Companies with a product management organization often have only one BAMT. E) The BAMT consists of key representatives of the functions that influence the performance of the brand. 76) Monetary donations are the most productive contribution that businesses can make to a non-profit organization or non-profit group. Recently, a sales manager reported a customer who said he didn`t want Muslims to call him. Another sales manager said that when she and her seller (another woman) sat down with a buyer (a man), the buyer had pornography on his computer screen. Do these sales managers assign new sales reps to accounts? Or do they “fire” the customer? If the customer was fired, the seller would lose the commission. However, in both cases, the managers said they fired the customer, an action that both sellers were happy with, and they were reassured that they would not be blamed for losing the sale. The loss of commission was worth it.

6) Which of the following business practices focuses specifically on designing the organization and implementing processes to respond quickly to changes in the environment? A) Benchmarking B) Subcontracting C) Orientation D) Acceleration E) Globalization Please note that these codes of ethics, the GSF and policies and procedures apply to all employees. These weren`t just created because of the sellers. Marketers have faced ethical challenges in how claims are made in advertising, while supply chain managers have faced dilemmas in their ethical relationships with suppliers. Managers in all areas of the company face challenges in terms of equal opportunities and creating an appropriate professional work environment. Who would exaggerate more when faced with the possibility of exaggerating in job interviews: professors, politicians, preachers or salespeople? Surprisingly, study sellers were less likely to exaggerate their abilities and skills than professors, politicians, and preachers. In another study, the best salespeople in an unethical climate were those who were most likely to leave, while the less successful salespeople were willing to stay and engage in unethical practices. These studies surprise many people, but only those who are not for sale. Most salespeople are scrupulously ethical, and as Ted Schulte mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, they are into sales because they really enjoy working to help people solve problems.

The second edition deals with the question of whether the gift is so extravagant that it is considered a bribe. In some companies, like IBM and Walmart, shoppers aren`t allowed to accept as much as a free cup of coffee from a seller. These companies do not allow their buyers to receive promotional items such as a pen or coffee mug with the seller`s logo because they want each seller to have free access to sales opportunities and earn the business based on their merits, not their gifts. Many buyers would wonder about the motives of a seller offering a gift that is too big. Most salespeople agree that entertainment and lavish gifts become less important in store because decision makers know they increase the cost of doing business and would rather get a better price than be entertained. 69) Although the law prohibits sellers from saying things about their products that are not true, they can legally suggest things about competitors` products that are not true. But training alone is not enough. The company must also apply the policy and put procedures in place to enable its application. For example, a company should have a mechanism in place to report unethical activity in a way that protects the person making the report. Many companies have anonymous message boxes that allow an employee to report unethical activity. A similar and common practice is to have an ethics office to investigate complaints.

The FSG requires that companies also have internal audit procedures in place to ensure that misconduct can be exposed. For the most part, salespeople are caring and ethical professionals. They face unique ethical challenges as a result of their work, including dealing with unethical requests from customers and ensuring they know and follow all company policies for interacting with customers. U.S. sellers have the additional restriction that what is illegal in the U.S. is illegal for them in other countries under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, even if the conduct in question is acceptable to the laws and practices of those countries. 95) ___ is the process by which companies assess the impact of their marketing activities and programs and make necessary changes and adjustments. A) Marketing control B) Marketing implementation C) Marketing test D) Market observation E) Market analysis 106) Which of the following examples is an example of a distribution measure used to measure the performance of marketing plans? A) Actual reach B) Customer acquisition costs C) Market share D) Coverage inventory in days E) Response rate 1) Appointment of teams to manage customer value creation processes and remove barriers between departments is part of the following changes in business practices? A) Re-engineering B) Outsourcing C) Benchmarking D) Supplier Partnerships E) Customer Partnerships For these reasons, sales managers should build strong working relationships with HR. These professionals, along with the legal department, are responsible for keeping abreast of legal changes that affect management practices. 107) Your business has experienced a decline in sales over the past three quarters. They attributed the problems to distributive inefficiencies. Which of the following should you pursue to ensure that the company`s sales efficiency is maximized? A) Average sales per outlet B) Sales of new products C) Test rate D) Redemption rate E) Acquisition of new customers 109) Which of the following applies to a marketing audit? A) It mainly focuses on the macro marketing environment of a company.

B) It identifies the most needed improvements and integrates them into a corrective action plan with short- and long-term steps. C) It is less effective in locating the true cause of a problem than a functional audit. D) Only marketing activities that have not produced adequate results are analyzed. E) It relies exclusively on business leaders for data and opinions. 93) ____ The software provides a set of web-based applications that automate and integrate project management, campaign management, budget management, asset management, brand management, customer relationship management, and knowledge management. A) Marketing dashboard B) Enterprise Resource Planning C) Supply chain management D) Marketing Resource Management E) Enterprise Campaign Management Laws that affect sales include price discrimination, discussed in Chapter 15 “Price, the only revenue generator,” and privacy laws. which have been discussed previously. In addition, laws regarding hiring practices, workplace safety, and others can affect sales managers. When global sales situations arise, the Federal Corrupt Practices Act comes into play, which prohibits bribery and other practices that might be culturally acceptable elsewhere, but are illegal in the United States. ; Knowledge Translation 97) IBM allows frontline employees to spend up to $5,000 to solve a customer problem on-site, which is an example of the next steps a marketing CEO can take to create a market- and customer-centric business? A) Empower employees.