Why Did Law Choose Luffy

Why Did Law Choose Luffy

Although he hated Doflamingo for killing Rosinante, Law still adopted many of his habits. For example, “the weak cannot choose how they die” is a sentiment shared between the two. Law hates him passionately, but there are things Doflamingo taught him – like any other member of the Donquixote family. Law split Smoker`s battleship in two, melting one half into a mountain while leaving the other half on the ground, depriving the Marines of any opportunity to escape. Then he turned around and said he couldn`t let the fleeing straw hats run away and continued to exchange their hearts with Shambles. When Marine law announced that his warlord status would be revoked if they reported him to the government, Law used “Scan” to steal all their den den mushis, saying he wouldn`t allow them to say a word about what they had seen at world government or Navy headquarters. Smoker then tried to attack him, but Law dodged his attack and fought back. Smoker didn`t seem to be affected, but the Marines who watched were cut instead. Tashigi then tried to attack Law, but Law effortlessly cut her off with his sword in half. Tashigi told him that it was a shame for a swordsman to be cut but not killed, but Law replied that the weak do not choose their path to die. A few chapters later, Law tells Ivankov that he didn`t have to save Luffy, but that he did it because he wanted to.

No particular reason. Iva replied that some things didn`t need explanation. So it doesn`t matter. Law then asked Doflamingo how he had the power to control CP0. Doflamingo revealed that he was aware of a secret national treasure. Since the secular nobles could not kill him, they became cooperative. Doflamingo went on to explain that Laws Ope Ope no Mi has the power to immortalize someone at the cost of their own life. When he and Doflamingo crossed paths, Doflamingo revealed that he never intended Law to have the fruit at all. Law declared that he would use the power of the fruit to destroy Doflamingo and his crew. [86] During a hailstorm, Law was unhappy to learn that the Barto Club had no sailor, no sailing experience, and usually called a grandmother who gave them unnecessary advice.

As a result, Law, the samurai and the straw hats had to protect the ship. After a week of crossing the dangers of the New World, the ship reached Zou. When Law saw the island lying on the back of a giant elephant, he informed the group of a breed known as the mink tribe. [112]. When the Sanji Recovery Team left Zou, everyone except the straw hat members left behind was shocked when Luffy jumped out of Zunesha with his group. [124] However, after learning Law`s real name, Corazon became much more open to Law, revealing everything he kept secret from Doflamingo, as well as the “true nature of the Ds.” At first, that trust backfired when Law decided to tell Doflamingo everything Corazon had revealed to him, but instead he decided to balance his terms with Corazon, whom Doflamingo had never told Law had stabbed him. Corazon then took Law hostage as he went in search of a cure for Law`s amber lead disease. He took the boy to various hospitals across the sea and attacked anyone who showed prejudice against Law. After 6 months without any progress towards his goal, Corazon began to feel regret for his actions, realizing that they had all been in vain and had only reminded Law of his traumatic past. When he put a sleeping Law in a blanket, he shed tears as he remembered the time Law stabbed him. He could tell how much Law was suffering, and since that event, Corazon only wanted to help ease Law`s pain and anxiety. Law, who had woken up, heard Corazon and also started crying because he had finally found someone who understood him.

After that, their relationship was much friendlier, as the next day, Law began calling Corazon “Cora-san,” much to his surprise. [49] [50] Law was later in the palace, still unconscious and chained to the seat of the heart with chains and Seastone handcuffs. After Law regained consciousness, Doflamingo questioned him about the Straw Hats` connection to the Green Bit Dwarves and their attack on Sugar.[68] Baby 5 hit Law and asked him to respond to Doflamingo. Law frightened him by glancing at him. He then reminded Doflamingo that he had ended his alliance with the Straw Hats and that he knew nothing of their intentions. [69] The clone attacked Ucy with a bullet wire and knocked him out. When the bull collapsed, Law and Luffy fell into the water and became helpless. Before the clone could kill them, Abdullah and Jeet defeated the clone from behind and destroyed it. After recovering, Luffy drilled a hole in the second level with Elephant Gun and took Law with him as he moved in front of the Allied fighters at the Colosseum. [78] I think that`s why Law saved Luffy, because of that respect between them, because they were the same age. Later, he gave Caesar a heart he thought belonged to Smoker.

Caesar held his heart in his hand while Law looked silently with an unsatisfied look in his eyes and a frown. Law then asked what had happened to Straw Hat, and Caesar revealed that after taking Monet`s warning about the possible increase in the power of the Straw Hats seriously, he sent two powerful people after them: the Snow Mountain Killers, the Yeti Cool Brothers. When Monet informed Caesar of Law`s association with Luffy in Sabaody Archipelago and Marineford, Caesar fired a gun at Law and questioned him about his relationship with the remarkable pirate. Law denied having anything to do with the presence of straw hat pirates on the island. Caesar then realized that Law would not betray him, as he would not complicate matters for them after becoming a warlord of the sea and coming to Punk Hazard. When Caesar wanted to leave, Law asked him why the children wouldn`t run away. Caesar told him that he was giving children the addictive drug NHC10, to which Law reacted with disgust. He also pointed out that it reminded him of someone. After finishing the conversation with Caesar, Law went to the back door of the establishment and knocked down some of Caesar`s troops along the way, noting that he could go wherever he wanted.

[25] After Sanji`s fight with Page One in the flower capital, Law, Usopp, Franky, and Sanji hid in the city of Ebisu. Law read in a newspaper that a funeral was being prepared for Komurasaki and that Kid had escaped from Udon prison. [140] Law, Usopp, and Franky later met a man named Tonoyasu. After Tonoyasu learned that they were friends with Zoro, he invited them to his house and told them that they had only missed Zoro. The group then noticed that Sanji was no longer with them. [141] Unlike Luffy, Law`s interactions with Eustass Kid were not as hospitable. In the manga, he turned Kid`s finger when Law (presumably) overheard Kid talking behind his back about rumors that Law`s mannerisms seem to be rather flawed. Later, when Kid volunteered to take care of the Marines gathered outside the auction house as a parting gift for Rayleigh as well as the Straw Hats and the Pirates of the Heart, Law and Luffy took Kid`s exuberance as an insult and decided to follow him outside to compete with the other super-recruit.