Wot Mod Legal

Wot Mod Legal

XVM is legal. It provides player statistics and displays them on your screen. What is illegal are mods that give advantages to the player. To make sure you are using the legal mods, you can visit the WOT mod website. You have WG approve mods. 🙂 There are many mods that are legal because they do not offer an unfair advantage. All legal mods can be found on the official mod hub here: This information in itself is not terrible. What it does, however, is change a player`s active participation and strategy in the game based on knowing something you can`t know when playing against your opponents. From this point of view, it should be illegal to have it. I`m by no means a purist, but as an athlete, I consider this kind of information to be “game-changing” and “unsportsmanlike” in the sense of the game as a random series of games against your opponents and with your teammates. I mainly use Aslain`s modpack, which is available/promoted on the same forum. However, it has white textures for dead tanks and collision patterns in the affected area (e.g.

Goha). They appear to be illegal, so how come they are distributed via one of the most common modpacks? Well, there are a lot of legal mods out there. Some are good, some are funny and some are just plain bad. XVM is still legal, anything available on any of the mods listed on the WOT page is fine, future changes won`t be made until 1. Wargaming plans to block the availability of player stats in the game, which has been a problem for many players who felt too focused. Personally, I think any use of XVM for statistics should be illegal. In fact, according to WG`s own fair use policy for mods, they should be. It says, and I paraphrase, “Any mod that provides the player with information that cannot be obtained during the game is unfair and represents an unfair advantage and is therefore illegal.” WG does not scan your client`s files for mods, the only way to report you is to brag about using illegal mods. Garage mods are the best, there are good crosshair mods, aslains has a number of mods for your viewing enjoyment all legal Just go to the mod hub, the mod descriptions are there and all mods should be legal. In general, if the mod is in a popular mod pack (like Aslains), then it`s legal, most mod makers want people to use packages, so adding illegal mods without at least one warning is bad for them. In general, illegal mods are those that give a player an unfair advantage over others by giving them information they couldn`t get otherwise.

The fact that it changes your playstyle, tactical and strategic thinking during a game based on it AND that it is not available to you without using a mod in any form during a game should be illegal. It violates WG`s own fair use policy and violates the spirit of the game format. This means that any use of statistics during a game “represents information that cannot be won during a match” and as such represents an unfair advantage as statistics cannot be collected when you play a game against your opponents. I think that`s the main sticking point when XVM accesses player statistics during a game. We want to create a pleasant environment for all players, which is why we will continue to support and defend our principles of fair play. We count on your support in this fight against scammers, so feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. Let`s take the game seriously and play fair! Remember: players caught with mods banned for the first time will receive a 7-day warning and suspension. Players who use them for the second time will be permanently banned. 3. Mark enemies outside the draw distance (with red columns, bullets, etc.) We constantly review your feedback to keep up with the most discussed topics within the community, including changes or mods.

One of your biggest concerns is fair play and the use of so-called “cheat mods”. These unauthorized third-party modifications give those who use them an unfair advantage and spoil the fun of battles. We count on your support in this fight against scammers, so feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. Be responsible and play fair! I`m relatively new to WoT, so I`m not sure about this topic. Over the past three years, we`ve been carefully monitoring the use of World of Tanks` unfair modifications and punishing fraudsters in massive waves of bans. Fair play will always be our top priority, and today we are ready to take further steps to keep the momentum of the game as fair as possible. Therefore, in my opinion, in the context of these types of matches, it is simply not sporting to have statistics on our opponents during a match. Novice visitors will be notified and banned from the game for seven days. Again, this is more of an academic problem than a purist or a true anti-XVM. I prefer that the people who set the rules follow them themselves and yet WG consistently applies them inconsistently, which seems quite capricious in some places. Maybe it comes down to “What can we do? In order to invalidate THIS information, we should prohibit ANY information. So I think they live with it.

The genie is already out of the bottle. It`s like saying that unplugging the power steering from your car makes you a better driver. For your information, this will not be the case. Interesting, keep me posted and give me more information that I`m not trying to scam, but I`ve heard that there are cool things you could do with mods because he`s going to talk about him all the time, so I thought I`d do some research I don`t want you all to think I`m trying to get an unfair advantage. Thanks to your feedback and ongoing monitoring, we have identified new changes that give players who use them advantages over others. These are obviously unfair, so we decided to add the following types of mods to the list of banned software: Why shouldn`t it be? It only shows the win rate and wn8. Or? My experience in the game leads me to believe that the VAST majority of people who use the game`s stats do NOT benefit from their presence. The few people who use it and let it change their goal/tactics/game strategy based on access to that knowledge don`t seem to make the best decisions, so – as I said, I`m not going to judge anyone negatively for using it.