Xanax Legal in Dubai

Xanax Legal in Dubai

These include medicines that are completely legal in the UK, such as painkillers containing codeine, which you can stop if you transport it to customs in the UAE. “There is zero tolerance for drug-related offences,” the Federal Foreign Office says in its recommendation from the United Arab Emirates. “Possession of the smallest amount of illegal drugs can result in a prison sentence of at least four years.” Fascism on parade. The harm to you if you don`t take the medication prescribed by your doctor because blogs have stories about someone being “jailed” for bringing medicine is enough to make me crave a Xanax myself. “In fact, the drugs that Perry owned are completely legal in the UAE, as long as the patient has prescription documents that Perry has. The customs officer`s initial error should never have escalated into a criminal charge; However, this reveals the lack of professionalism within the judicial system and the seemingly capricious situation of the prosecution. By the way, it is legal to transport a kilo of pot to Singapore as long as you declare it to customs, and you don`t mind falling 7 feet with a rope around your neck. The UAE has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards drugs. Some drugs can be purchased over-the-counter in one country, but will be a controlled substance in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. People who possess even a small amount of illegal drugs could face a prison sentence of four years or more.

Even if your medication is legal in the UAE, it should be limited to a maximum of three months if you are a visitor. Millions of people pass by and visit Dubai and the UAE all the time and many take medication and the authorities obviously know this, but you have to be careful and some are completely illegal like codeine. OP here. Expired medications are just as effective. In fact, many people use them beyond their expiration date because they can`t afford new ones. My Xanax had expired because, as I mentioned earlier, I hadn`t noticed it and it was a simple oversight. At the time, I took the agent at his word because it never occurred to me that an expired RX was illegal in the US (it isn`t), so I got rid of that. The Ministry of Health lists all unapproved drugs on its website, 71 of which are currently banned. If you are visiting the United Arab Emirates, it is best to compare all the medications you want to take with this list.

Medicines that are perfectly legal in the UK, such as painkillers containing codeine, can stop and condemn you when you go through customs there. For example, exedrine tension headache tablets, Tylenol arthritis pain tablets, niquitin mint lozenges, and otrivin nasal spray are all on the banned list. My husband also had experience with questions about the medication he had brought for local travel. He was asked for the medical certificate, but he did not bring it with him. Fortunately, because he only has this inhaler for his asthma, they considered it. From this experience, we realized that even only local flights, proper and legal documents on medicines should be carried anytime and anywhere. Thank you also for this sharing, which will help you. Some medicines and medicines that can be purchased over the counter in other countries are classified as controlled substances in the UAE and are illegal to possess. Dubai was amazing, but one thing I want to comment on is the fact that drinking alcohol, being in a taxi with a member of the opposite sex that you`re not married to, and a lot of things that we would consider normal are technically illegal in Dubai.

Drinking alcohol actually requires a drinking license, which you can`t even ask for if you wanted to. The bottom line is that the UAE can be a dangerous place to visit because many common things that are “tolerated” are still illegal there, and there are too many grey areas and you can get into serious trouble and make an example to make one of them for any reason at any time. OP here. Expired medications are just as effective. In fact, many people use them beyond their expiration date because they can`t afford new ones. My Xanax had expired because, as I mentioned earlier, I hadn`t noticed it and it was a simple oversight. At the time, I took the agent at his word because it never occurred to me that an expired RX was illegal in the US (it isn`t), so I got rid of Xanax before I got to the UAE. I did not dispose of the Ambien. I had no problems there. Agree that you should check the local laws before arriving in the country. However, I do not agree that the CBP officer did me a favor by being abusive and not knowing the actual regulations. An agent who gives false facts and abuses authority is never a good thing.

Attempting to purchase any form of illegal drugs, including black market drugs, can result in jail time, fines, and deportation. @traderjoe: You said: Understand: Your doctor prescribed the drug for a good reason. Take it as prescribed, guys. Don`t skip the cans. Don`t be afraid of stories of Stasi agents locking you up for your blood pressure medication. Be careful: If you occasionally take Xanax, benzo, Vicodin, or anxiety medication, bring something and seal it tightly. If you need it every day, bottle it with your Rx number. Last week, Sharjah police said they had arrested a gang of nine men and seized about AED15 million ($4.1 million) worth of illegal Xanax tablets. They said: “Some skin care products and e-cigarette refills may contain ingredients that are illegal in the UAE, such as CBD oil. The Nottingham Marine Safety Officer was carrying three types of anti-anxiety medication: temazepam, clonazepam and citalopram. All three are legal in the UAE.

If you need Xanax, don`t travel to the UAE, even though it`s mandatory, unless you jump through ALL the tires. Yes, there is a good chance that you will be arrested. So what? Read the penalty if you bring Xanax to the Maldives. The customs notice is a small pamphlet that is not clear at all. It is a psychotropic drug that is banned, period. The customs pamphlet suggests that prescribed controlled drugs require a prescription. although it is not at all clear if this applies to Xanax. You can ask a lawyer to call customs or the local lawyer in advance, but keep in mind that these countries do not follow the same legal rules as Merca. Thank you for bringing this matter to your attention!!! I would really like to hear more about that. After a blogger posted about tea in the Burj al Arab, I had never seen any reference to the UAE`s drug laws.

Luckily, I saw a reference in a travel guide and didn`t bring my Xanax, which I also use for insomnia/jet lag. On the way to Russia in a few weeks, someone knows. Penalties for human trafficking can include the death penalty, and possession of even the smallest amount of illegal drugs can result in a prison sentence of at least four years. But another thing to consider is the medications you can take in the country. The Pharmacy Act No. 4 of 1983 and the Narcotics Act No. 4 of 1983 of 1995 warn people entering the UAE with unapproved medicines that may be readily available in your home country. This is because controlled medicines can only be imported into the UAE through hospitals and large community pharmacies. Sharjah police said they arrested the men as they tried to sell Xanax to a group of local traders in the UAE. By the way, the penalty can be life imprisonment for small amounts.

Less than 1 gram is 10 years in prison. Maldivian law may be applied differently to foreigners. The last time I was there, the punishment for a local woman who had sex outside of marriage was death by stoning. (That`s a good reason not to use Tinder – which is another story, since I had bet with a friend that he couldn`t meet a local via the Sheraton`s Tinder and lost) I`m not saying they wouldn`t kick you out of the country, but why would you go anywhere with a drug you need when you could end up in jail. and retirement. The latter is bad enough. DON`T GO. PLEASE DON`T THINK YOU`RE GOING TO STRAY FROM THE CASE. As a doctor, I always have a bag full of medication with me when I travel abroad so I don`t have to see a doctor, etc. In this bag, I have medication for most of the comum problems that a tourist can expect in this country, such as medication for stomach diseases, antibiotics, painkillers, etc. I never had a prescription because I am a doctor. Would they accept that as a reason not to have the recipe? As someone mentioned earlier, it is your responsibility as a traveler to understand the regulations/laws regarding the country you are visiting.

“Perry desperately needs treatment for his prostate cancer. Denying him this in time is a flagrant violation of his human rights. We hope that the UAE will show compassion to Perry and his children and release him immediately so that he can return home for the medical treatment he needs. Mohamadien says anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax could be highly addictive. Courtesy of Medcare Hospitals. I will be very firm with you: NO, no and no. Stop giving something that seems like reasonable and reassuring advice. You can`t rely on it. This article was not about blood pressure medications. I see what you did there. “SENSITIVE” is not part of the equation. I would hate to think that people would leave their medication at home because they are afraid of a reintegration problem.

Your passport must be valid for at least six months prior to the date of your entry into the UAE and you will also need a visitor visa. What medicines can you take with you to the UAE? Here is the list where you will find 70 “unapproved” medications When I travel with my blood pressure medication, I always bring the package information with me when I travel in my carry-on luggage, just in case.