Inn At East Beach CLEAN

How we’re handling COVID-19

Your hotel room is your home away from home and we realize that having a sanitized room is a crucial way to help protect you from picking up COVID-19 or anything else. If you can’t avoid traveling or you’re trying to make your way back home during the pandemic, rest assured that we’re doing everything in our power to protect your health, as well as the health of our team, to help improve your odds and lower your levels of anxiety where traveling is concerned. Read on for more information on what we’re doing to keep you safe and healthy.

CHLA Clean + Safe Certified

The Inn at East Beach has been certified by the CHLA’s Clean + Safe program. You can read more about it here to see how we’re keeping you and our team members safe.

Upon Arrival

Our first line of defense here at the Inn at East Beach is that we now offer a minimal touch check-in upon your arrival. Guests will be provided with a freshly sanitized pen to register, and the credit card terminal is re-sanitized after each guest check-in. We are also offering contactless payment options like Apple Pay and Google Wallet so you won’t have to touch the payment terminal.

The Inn at East Beach now has an “Open Door Policy” which means that our lobby doors will be kept open during peak arrival times so you can walk on in without ever having to worry about touching the door handles. If you arrive after peak hours and do need to touch the door, rest assured that you will find hand sanitizers in our lobby for your convenience.

Changes to Guest Services

Another change we’ve implemented is our breakfast offerings, which are now offered grab-n-go-style instead of buffet-style. Self-service coffee and tea are no longer available, however, just ask one of our friendly guest service hosts in the lobby and your coffee or tea will be provided for you at any time with a smile!

Need ice? Our ice machine has been relocated to the lobby to help keep it clean and sanitized for our guests. If you would like a bucket of ice provided for you, one of our friendly guest service hosts will be happy to prepare a bucket for you to pick up at the front desk, or we will gladly deliver it to your room.

At this time the Inn at East Beach swimming pool is currently closed in keeping with California COVID-19 guidelines. The great news is the beach is less than a 5-minute walk from the Inn at East Beach and is still currently open for you to enjoy!

We offer beach cruiser bicycles available for you to rent if you’d like to get out for a while and see the sights without getting in a car or walking. Each bicycle will be freshly sanitized before and after your ride.

To help protect our guests and our team members, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available in all high traffic areas of the hotel for your use.

Upon Your Departure

As you depart from your stay with us, we’d like to thank you for putting your trust in us and staying here at the Inn at East Beach. If you prefer to limit your contact with our team, there’s no need for you to stop by the front desk to check out. All you’ll need to do is leave your room keys on the table or nightstand in your room and we will email your receipt.

To further protect our guests and our team members, we wait 24 hours after your departure before we clean your room. Once your room has been cleaned and sanitized, it will sit empty for another 24 hours before the next guest is permitted to check-in to help ensure the health and safety of our guests.

What new ways are we cleaning the room?

We have always taken great pride in our cleaning standards by going above and beyond the regular cleaning standards of most hotels. Because of COVID-19, we have stepped up our cleaning processes by taking extra care in disinfecting the frequently touched areas of our hotels and rooms like the front desk, telephones, door knobs, window latches, keys, remotes, etc. If you’ve touched it, we’ve cleaned it and we’ll keep cleaning it to protect the health and safety of all.

You may notice that we have removed the standard pens and notepads found in most hotel rooms, but they are now available at the desk upon request and we will be happy to provide them to you. Once you get them, they are yours to keep, so feel free to take them home with you as we won’t be reusing them.

Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for putting your trust in us by staying at the Inn at East Beach and giving us the opportunity to serve you. We hope you enjoy your stay and we look forward to welcoming you here again!

If you have any questions about COVID-19, please visit the CDC Website at